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What a beautiful morning to hide books in the downtown area of Hannibal and near the Mississippi River. I had one helper and we spread the love of reading from the Mark Twain statue to the Tom and Huck statue and all the way to Nipper Park near Bear Creek. We left kid friendly mysteries and fantasy books on park benches and inside the coffee shop on Main Street. We even hid one in Tom Sawyer's paint bucket near the fence by his boyhood home. Oh, and I hid a copy of Frankenstein (young readers edition) on the steps of the wax museum (formerly known in the book Tom Sawyer as The Haunted House on Hill Street.) Happy Hunting!


My family and I went on a hiking trip this fall to Matthiessen State Park in LaSalle-Peru, Illinois. I hoped for a jaw-dropping boatload of inspiration for a new story. Not so much. The scenery killed it. But the story line failed to form in my brain.

Fast forward to Thanksgiving break and a hotel about an hour from Chicago with a newly renovated pool. Bingo. Inspiration knocked me upside the head for a new MG sci-fi thriller. I'm almost 10k into a new story. I haven't had this much fun writing in a long time. I hope to finish cranking out all the words in December and edit in the New Year. Have you been inspired by family trips? Read any good sci-fi thrillers lately? ​​Do you enjoy hiking? 




My favorite time of the year starts on October first. I can't wait to take a few detours this fun, spooky season. Living in a tourist town has its privileges. I plan to visit Mark Twain's Wax Museum and Haunted House,. I will update with my first-hand accounts of any and all Halloween activities. This, of course, is for novel research.  

The museum was well stocked with many of Mark Twain's characters leering at you with their glass eyes and smirking with real human teeth! AHHH! I deemed the musty, basement smell appropriate for the wax museum setting. Several of the wax figures sported real human hair. One fellow in the back stared directly into my soul. I broke the spell and ran out. Just kidding. Next, we crept upstairs to the haunted house portion of the tour of death. What a relief to be free from the those demon eyes. Hope you get a chance to visit someday!