My attraction to creepy houses and abandoned buildings runs deep. I live near both. I sense a theme. RUN. Maybe I should move?  

Nah. Because this inspiration led me to write another murder mystery. It won third place in the 2017 Rate Your Story "Awesome Openers" contest.

Stay tuned for updates on my future books!

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For the past few years, I've continued to write and research while spying and eavesdropping. My love for reading mysteries as a kid and my obsession for anything Sherlock led me to write a few myself.

I spent many years teaching fifth and sixth grades and taught art for over a decade. During this time, I acquired a love for art history. Da Vinci is da man! I can't wait for you to read my ghostly mystery featuring Da Vinci and a special object belonging to him. Hint: It's not the Mona Lisa. 

This teen mystery won third place in the Authors.ME diversity contest last fall. 

Free Runner (published by Saguaro Books) won a Purple Dragaonfly Book Award.