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Fourteen-year-old Cam White lives the perfect SoCal dream surrounded by endless surf and sunshine. He discovers Tempest Freerunning Academy in L.A. and trains with an elite group of free runners. When his father lands the photography dream job of a lifetime, Cam finds himself landlocked in the middle of England. His dad dumps him on the doorstep of Oxford's Prestige Academy where he learns how to wear a tie and talk to a girl for the first time in his life.

His disregard for the rules places him at the top of the headmaster's naughty list. But she's the least of his worries. A few weeks before the opening night of his father's photography exhibit at the National Gallery, his dad disappears. Cam secures a small package in his abandoned West End apartment but is unaware the contents could kill him.

He and his new friends must decipher a set of clues as they race through the streets of London, dodging bullets and bad guys. Cam uncovers a web of deception and fears the package may cost him his life. The ultimate trap has been set in motion long before Cam's existence. Will he take the bait? The one person who can face the danger zone--and live to tell about it--is the Free Runner.


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  1. free runner- a person who participates in free running; a form of parkour    

      which involves acrobatic stunts.